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Keep everyone on the same page and spend less time doing it.

Collaboration how it was meant to be

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Calendar view in Kardz
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Raccoon Digital Marketing
Tenchi Digital
Crew Tool
Swasth Arogya
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Save time with AI-powered contextualization

Stop wasting time managing your emails and going after information and let Artificial Intelligence do it for you


Easily record the time you spend in tasks by hitting play and pause on a kard


Quickly understand where your agency is spending time through accurate reporting


Optimize your agency's workflow to increase productivity and reduce costs

Everything your agency needs in a single place!

Maria Iara from Tenchi Digital

Maria Iara

Marketing Manager

Tenchi Digital

"Kardz took our team management to a whole new level. Everyone's work is organized and I can oversee the contribution of over 20 employees like never before"

Organization has never been so easy

No matter the complexity of your collaborations, your organization is     simple

Connect with people around the world
Easy external collaboration
Create your own workflow
See your tasks in a weekly calendar
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